Musicality Weekend

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Joaquin Arteaga

The Clave: The Spine of Salsa Music

Have you ever wondered how the “Clave” works in salsa and dancing? How the instruments breathe around it? How to feel it so you can use it while you dance? Learn about the mysteries of the Clave with Joaquin Arteaga, composer, producer and bandleader of Tromboranga Salsa Orchestra.

Joel Dominguez & Maria Palmieri

Dancing to Conga, Bass & Clave

Joel & Maria will help you understand the concept of the music and how to connect the sounds of these instruments to your steps & body movement giving you more control and freedom to play with the music. You will also learn how to get more creative, playful and add dynamic to your dancing!

Svetlana Ray

Create Steps to Perfectly Fit the Music

Svetlana is going to lead you through the process of creating your own steps and moves out of the footwork that you already know. You will get rid of the frames that didn’t allow you to improvise before.

Armando Cervantes


In this class you will learn how salsa music is structured by identifying the different sections that form a typical salsa song. We will  learn how to identify Mambo, Moñas, Montunos, Codas and more.

Rodrigo Cortazar & Asya Sonina

Musicality: Choreo & Social Dancing

World renowned Latin dance artist Rodrigo Cortazar and his partner Asya Sonina bring you high energy in a format that is easy to learn for all dancers. You will learn how to apply musical structure to social dancing & how to create your own choreography based on this structure.

Yasbek Cervantes

The Music and Your Body

This class was designed in order to match your body to the sound of the instruments, feel the rhythm and turn your movements into an instrument. Let's travel from New York to Puerto Rico and discover the Newyerican Mambo Style.

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