by Melissa Rosado

Course Description

Pachanga is a new dance craze that is making its revival from the 60s which consists of a series of steps and movements that require a constant rocking back on core beats of music. This dance, originating from Cuba, is best paired with charanga music, also a Cuban rhythm.

This beginner level Pachanga online course will breakdown all the basics and fundamentals of this dance and then demonstrate how to incorporate it socially in Shines and partnering.  

Basic Pachanga step thoroughly explained in depth and increase in difficulty throughout the course

Front and back views of each basic and combination with a picture in picture view of all footwork

Normal and slow tempo demonstrations in each step and combination with and without music

All basics of Pachanga explained in depth with an example and a combo that the  combines all previous basics.

Specific modules demonstrating how to apply pachanga and partnering from different angles.

Bonus section featuring application of the basic step and all Pachanga basics in men's timing, as well as On1.

Course Curriculum


by Melissa Rosado