Salsa Ladies' Styling Intensive

June 19, 2021

June 19, 2021

These NYC Divas will cover everything from technique behind the styling, arm styling, body movement, & much more!

Don't miss this intensive course that everyone raves about and can't get enough of! 

Join Top Divas for a Sexy, Challenging & Unique Experience!

*Recommended for Advanced Beginner and Higher levels


Maria Moreras

Body Movement

Maria Moreras will explore body movement techniques and exercises to create more range of motion. You will learn to apply these controlled movements into a fun and unique footwork pattern.

Maria Palmieri

Styling with Musicality & Flow

Maria will cover the finer details on how to use the floor to stay more grounded and controlled! She will help you execute the moves with more Style, Grace & Flow and show you how to connect with the music rather than just counting.

Shani Talmor

Enhance Your Technique

Shani will show you how to gain more confidence on the dance floor all while keeping it feminine and sexy! The class will focus on proper hip movement, correct hand & arm movement, head whips, body movement and much more!

Karel Flores

Styling & Body Movement

Learn a short combo that incorporates body movement and styling. Karel will breakdown the technique behind body movements and arm styling and implement them into a Shine choreography to help take your dancing to the next level.




  • Bonus Included: Lifetime access to the replays

A Message from Joel & Maria

"We are so excited to bring you this eagerly anticipated Salsa Ladies' Styling Intensive. It's been a long time coming and we ask for your cooperation to keep this a safe and positive environment. Masks will need to be used for the duration of our classes. We will have a 20 minute break so you can relax, recover and get some fresh air.: